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Please allow me to introduce you to our small family business. My name is Carl Dawes, I own and run the business. I have been in the business of remanufacturing starter motor's and alternators for 25 years and worked for Lucas Electrical Ltd for 15 of those.

Why I decided to form my company 

Whilst remanufactured many thousands of Nippon Denso starters over the years I noticed the only part of the starter which was faulty and worn was the contacts and plunger assembly, I then measured the wear to the brush gear and armature and found it was negligible in fact almost no wear at all, the same was the case with the integral gearbox and external drive gear, even the internal bearing were near perfect. So instead of rebuilding the whole starter I decided to experiment with just replacing the worn contacts and plunger assembly and low and behold the starter worked perfectly, if fact it performed as good as if not better then the remanufactured starter we built.

If you view my feedback on EBAY you can see the great reviews they've received.

Feel free to browse the website. If you need any help or advice, don't hesitate to contact me either by Email or by phone, details on our contact page.